Women in the lumber industry.

A Fall 2022 article in Audubon Magazine reminded us of a video we produced in 2014.  The northeast lumber industry has always been a leader, and our celebration of women in the industry is no exception. The article, Who Runs the Forest? Increasingly, in the Southeast, It’s Women touts several great examples of new communities […] The post Women in the lumber industry. appeared first on NELMA.

Are we still doing shiplap?

LivingEtc, recently posed this question to some interior design influencers: Is “Shiplap” out of style?  While many trends that become popular do start to fade due to their very own popularity (recall the Yogi Berra line – “No one goes there nowadays, it’s too crowded.”), some argue that shiplap still maintains a timelessness to it […]

Where Does Africa’s P&P Industry Stand and Where Is It Headed?

When discussing any sort of market trends, industry moves or any other pulp and paper industry related news, it seems we tend to focus on Asia, North America and Europe as they are the top three leading producers in the industry. Because of this, we have a relatively good idea of what’s occurring in these areas in regard to capacity trends, pricing trends and any major investments. While it’s obviously important to keep up with the major players in the industry, it’s also important to analyze the state of the P&P sector in other regions as well.

Corporate culture leans into the wood trend

More and more corporations are realizing the importance that the physical environment of their workspace plays in keeping employees happy.  And one tool in their arsenal turns out to be wood.  Using biophilia (defined as the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings) as a design strategy, corporations are able to create […]

Finnish Saunas – a classic mix of wood and stone

Architects in Finland have completed a project designed to respect the Finnish tradition of Sauna, as well as create a new a space where people would talk, seek experiences, and create a sense of social togetherness. To do this, they leaned heavily on the classic combination of two natural materials: wood and stone. In a […]

An 11-Step Process for DIY Shiplap

Shiplap is a popular design trend that can be placed horizontally on…

Authenticity in Material Selection

In architecture, shape and materials are the tools of authenticity.  Shapes can…

Top Trend: Accent Walls of Wood

In a recent post on Living, Etc, interior designer Jensen Killen from…

Wood and stone combined to pay homage to the surrounding environment.

As featured on Dezeen.com, Studio Paolo Ferrari – a Toronto-based architect firm…

Eastern White Pine Post and Beam

Throw a follow to @settlementpostandbeam on Instagram for some amazing Timber Frame…